Buying A Home

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Step 4: Making An Offer

Before we make an offer on a home, we will prepare a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for the home that will clearly define its market value. We will review the CMA together to determine the home's true value in today's market.

Our objective in the offer/negotiation stage is to get you this home for below its market value. We produce all offers using a computer database of hundreds of clauses and phrases in order to properly customize the offer. We look at these clauses and phrases as safeguards to protect you in the purchase process.

Typical offers make the purchase conditional on you obtaining suitable financing, being satisfied with a detailed inspection by a professional home inspector, reviewing the title search, Property Condition Disclosure Statement, and for condos the last 24 months of Minutes of Meetings of the Council/Bylaws/Strata Plan/Financial Statements, etc.

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