Buying a Home

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Your next home, whether it is a house or condo is one of the most important purchases you will make. It is important when buying a home to have someone representing your interests throughout the purchasing process. In the real estate industry we refer to this as Buyer Agency. When we view, query, offer and negotiate on the home you purchase, we will represent you, and your interests alone, as your Buyer's Agent.


We will assist you in your purchase every step of the way. Unlike the agent who lists the property, as your Buyer's Agent we have undivided loyalty to you, protecting your negotiating position at all times. We keep any confidential negotiation position and/or strategy confidential between us. We exercise reasonable care and skill in the preparation of offers, and we account for all money and property throughout the transaction to fully protect your interests.

The good news is there is no charge to you for this service. We are paid out of the transaction through the Listing Agent. When a property is listed for sale through the Multiple Listing Service, a predetermined portion of the commission charged is set aside to pay the Buyer's Agent. Nine out of ten homes are sold.

Our system in helping you find the perfect home is simple. There are 5 steps. Click here to go to step 1, or click on a step above to go there directly.